Myths and Misconceptions About Business Credit

You probably know more about your personal credit than your business credit. You may even think your business isn't impacted by business credit. In the Myths and Misconceptions About Business Credit section, we address the top reasons business owners may believe that their business is invulnerable to the changes that may be taking place in their business credit file.

Myth #6

Myth #1

"My business doesn’t need credit."

Myth #2

"My company is too small for business credit."

Myth #3

"My personal credit has always worked for my business."

Myth #4

"No one is looking at my business credit report.”

Myth #5

"I don’t need to pay attention to my business credit."

Myth #6

"Credit monitoring is too costly."

Myth #7

"My accountant should handle my business credit."

* CreditSignal indicates that your D&B scores and ratings have changed and alerts you to how often your business credit file is being accessed. To view actual scores and ratings, we recommend that you upgrade to one of our credit-monitoring or credit-building solutions.

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