D&B® Scores and Ratings 101

It's critical to know how each one of the D&B® Scores and Ratings may impact your business. These scores may influence your chances of qualifying for a business loan, lowering your interest rates, managing your cash flow and negotiating better payment terms. Understanding the information in your business credit file is a major step in knowing how you can be proactive by maintaining good business credit.

Financial Stress Score

Overview: D&B Scores and Ratings

Five critical scores and ratings make up your D&B business credit profile.

Delinquency Predictor Score

Watch to see how this scoring system can help predict whether a business will pay its bills on time.

Financial Stress Score

Is financial stress in a business’ future?

SER: Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating

This score can help predict whether a business can fulfill on its goods and services.

D&B Viability Rating®

D&B's Viability Rating provides a more-holistic assessment of the current and future health of a business.

Understanding the D&B Rating

It’s important that your rating is reflective of your overall company’s condition.


Staying on top of this score can help show outside companies how you’ve paid your bills over the past two years.

What are Trade References

Learn how trade references can impact my business credit file.

How can I avoid or fix mistakes in my Dun & Bradstreet credit file?

Learn how to avoid or fix mistakes in my D&B® Credit File.

* CreditSignal indicates that your D&B scores and ratings have changed and alerts you to how often your business credit file is being accessed. To view actual scores and ratings, we recommend that you upgrade to one of our credit-monitoring or credit-building solutions.

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